Do Your Whisky Infusion | DIY Kit for Homemade Whisky Flavor | Original Gift Set


Put the cask in the bottle! Make your own whisky with our exclusive DO YOUR WHISKY woodchip blends (Vanilla Dream, Dark Chocolate, American Sweetheart). Let Mother Nature give her all! Experiment with six different botanicals in attractive test tubes to give your whisky an absolutely individual touch. Please the eye as well as the palate! This kit includes two glass bottles with wooden corks and separate labels, a funnel, and six stainless-steel whisky ice cubes; and it comes in an elegant cardboard box, completely free of plastic! Brush up on whisky knowledge! A snappy glossary, additional info on our woodchips and botanicals, as well as three fantastic recipes will help you become an expert in all things whisky. Give the gift of pure enjoyment! Our kit is a perfect present for whisky lovers and connoisseurs, but it is also an eye-catcher for celebrations and weddings. What are you waiting for?

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