Coros Apex Premium GPS Multisport Watch (Black / 46mm)


Coros Apex Premium Multisport Watch The Coros Apex Premium Multisport Watch is designed for athletes who want to train harder, safer and more efficiently. Years of research with athletes around the world went into designing a premium sports watch armed with our exclusive Coros training software. A comprehensive algorithm accurately measures your heart rate along with other fitness data points. This software precisely predicts your stamina level, aerobic/anaerobic training effects and recovery time. You can structure a complete workout specifically geared towards your fitness level and training needs. Once you’ve finished your workout, the Coros app gives you a complete graphical analysis of your training that includes: VO2 max, recovery advisor, threshold pace, last-7 days training load, personal fitness index and much more. Additionally, you can connect to your favorite third-party applications such as Strava or Training Peaks and automatically upload your workouts. The quality build and design allows Apex to easily transition from the workplace to the workout so you don’t need a different watch for different parts of your day. Bring your best with Apex.

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