Polar Grit x Multisport GPS Watch Black


The Polar Grit X Sports Watch is your companion for adventurous sports performance and even meets military standards. This makes the Grit X extremely suitable for outdoor athletes such as soldiers, athletes, cyclists, mountain bikers, runners and triathletes. All your activities are tracked for 24 hours, you even get an insight into your sleeping pattern. Heart rate measurement The Polar Grit X watch is equipped with an accurate heart rate measurement on the wrist. Instead of 9 LED lights that you were used to from Polar, the Grit X has 10 lights. This makes it even more direct than its predecessors. Operation The watch can be operated via touchscreen but also via the buttons with SuperGrip. Which are pleasant to operate even with sweaty or wet hands. Thanks to navigation functions such as a digital compass and a trackback function, you can always find your way back. Battery life The Grit X has an impressive 40 hours of battery life in training mode with GPS on and up to 100 hours in power-saving mode. This way you can’t get lost in remote areas or end up with an empty battery during a weekend trip.

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