Yukon Glory BBQ 'N SERVE Grill Basket Set – Includes 3 Grilling Baskets a Serving Tray & Clip-on Handle – Patent Pending Grill to Table Design Perfect For Grilling Fish Veggies & Meats


Do you love firing up your grill and spend quality time with your friends and family. Isn’t it hard though to grill and serve different items simultaneously, all the while trying not to make a hot, greasy mess. No matter whether your friends and loved ones prefer grilled vegetables, seafood, burgers, hot dogs, veggie patties, or virtually anything else, you can now keep everyone happy and smiling – the smart and easy way. With these amazing grill baskets, you’ll be able to grill and cook different items completely separately at the same time, and then use the practical tray and clip-on handle to easily take them to the table and serve them while they’re still piping hot. What’s not to love. Invest In Your New Favorite BBQ Accessories – Redesigned To Make Your Life Easier. Designed to combine your favorite, time-proven, and classic barbecue accessories and utensils with a new twist of innovation, this grill basket set will change the way you see BBQ, once and for all.

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