Wisdom Panel Essential Dog DNA Test


Peer into your pooch’s past and future with the Wisdom Panel Essential Dog DNA Test! This kit lets you find out about her ancestry, her medical complication risks and her genetic predisposition for various traits, so you’ll understand her in ways never before possible. The test draws upon a doggie DNA database to help you learn which of 350 different breeds, types, varieties her forebears came from and trace her ancestry back as far as her great-grandparents. It tells you whether she might be at risk for certain health complications while undergoing a variety of routine medical procedures, or if she may not be able to tolerate certain commonly used medications. It educates you about her genetically-derived ideal weight range so you and her vet can help her stay as healthy as possible. You’ll deepen your knowledge about your furry friend in fascinating ways, and be better prepared for what may lie ahead!

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