Wellness Essential Oil Roller Set Migraine Relief


PREMIUM QUALITY THERAPEUTIC GRADE ROLL ON ESSENTIAL OILS SET: Essential oil blends include 100% gentle and pure essential oils: Sleep, Shield, Fresh, and Head Ease. Steam-extracted right from the source and packaged in the USA without any additives, toxins, or harmful chemicals. Blended with Carrier Oils. GMO Free, Cruelty Free, and never tested on animal: s. HEAD TENSION RELIEF: Whether sinus headache relief, tension headache relief or other kinds of head pain, Head Ease headache oil blend is an excellent essential oil for alleviating head discomfort. With soothing essential oils like Lavandin, Peppermint, and clove oil that cool and relax your muscles, you can apply the Head Ease headache roll on and continue your daily routine, free of disruptive head afflictions. AROMATHERAPY OILS: Use an immunity booster essential oil for bug bite itch relief and to protect yourself against seasonal threats that can cause stuffiness and pesky cough symptoms. Contains powerful soothing properties from the natural blend of lavender, eucalyptus, and lemon essential oils which work well to reduce inflammation, alleviate irritation, and make breathing easier. SLEEP ESSENTIAL OIL: The Dream essential oil roller is our top essential oils for sleep. The notes in the German Chamomile and Bulgarian Lavender essential oils help slow your mind for a deeper, better sleep. Combine with Fresh for extra relaxation and purification. SAFETY PRECAUTION: For external use only. Apply to clean skin on the inside of your elbow or wrist. Cover with a bandage and leave for 24 hours. If a rash or redness appears, discontinue use of product.

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