Vinmax Bed Prism Spectacles Horizontal Lazy Glasses for Reading and Watching TV


CAN BE WORN OVER SPECTACLES: You can wear presbyopic glasses, myopic glasses and a series of glasses before wearing lazy glasses. Comfortable, non-oppressive, and lazy mirror convergence. The special spectacles are as similar in shape as ordinary glasses. You can wear the prism glasses only or wear it over your ordinary glasses (include prescription glasses). It is made up of a frame, fixing components and a refractive lens which turns straight-line lights into crooked-line lights. The refractive lens is settled in the view-finders of the frame; the fixings and the frame are fastened together. High-definition optical prism High-definition optical glass prism, the effect is clearer, reduce eye fatigue, clear imaging, restore the true shape. Integral Reinforcement Hinge Hinge reinforcement treatment, after strict opening and closing test layer by layer, easy to retract and release, strong and durable. One-in-one nasal bracket design Comfortable one-in-one nasal bracket design. Lightweight and non-pressing nose, refuse to print nose, reduce the burden of wearing the bridge of the nose. Lay down your work and lie in bed, and you will enjoy greater pleasure! Vinmax prism glasses can effectively avoid the radiation of television, will make things clearer, eyes will not feel tired! It has obvious effect on preventing and relieving fatigue of cervical vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae and shoulder circumference. Stand Mixer LED Teeth Whitening Light Red Goggle Glasses 10X Desktop Magnifier Lamp 7 Colors Clock Our Brand Others Products

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