USB Rechargeable Candle Lighter, Rose Gold


Rose Gold – Lighters are commonplace in most peoples junk drawersand over 350 million of them get thrown away every year. Those lighters can spend up to 400 years in landfills, meaning that lighting your favorite candle might have a greater ecological impact than you think. Get your flame flickering with this rechargeable lighter, designed to last a lifetime. It uses a lithium-ion battery instead of butane, and its guaranteed to never run out of fuel. Recharge it, just like your phone, and then use it around the house or on the go. Its windproof, flameless, and can last for up to 300 lights on a 1.5 hour charge, making it just as useful for lighting the campfire or BBQ grill as it is for lighting your home fireplace or that favorite candle. Made in China.

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