truMedic IS-2000 InstaShiatsu+ Neck and Back Massager with Heat


The truMedic InstaShiatsu+ Neck and Back Massager with Heat is ideal for pain relief. This special massager features a vest-like, over-the-shoulder design that empowers effortless use wherever pain strikes. The personal care product can be draped across the area that is in pain and slip your arms through the provided wrist supports. When you tighten and relax your grip on these supports, the pressure will change from a firmer massage to a lighter one. The cordless shiatsu neck and back massager penetrates deep into your muscles for fast pain relief. You can change the direction of the massage at any time with the easy press of a button or simply use the auto-reverse operation if desired. The massager also features a heat function that can be turned on and off. It will allow for even greater relief from aches and muscle pain. The device includes an A/C adaptor and charger cable for easy use in nearly any setting and effortless recharging.

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