Tegu – 42 Piece Set – Tints


A 42 piece bulding block set with hidden magnets to increase your building possibilities! This large Tegu set includes four wheels to allow the creation of imaginative vehicles. Blocks have long been a playroom staple thanks to their inherent simplicity and developmental benefits for all ages and abilities. By creating a magnetic wooden building system the limitless possibilities of Tegu blocks serve to unlock every builder’s imagination. Every Tegu block is designed around a 30-millimeter unit (as exemplified by Tegu’s iconic Cube shape). Each block features magnetic hot spots in ideal connection locations. Like all magnets Tegu Blocks feature a north and a south pole – so if a block doesn’t click right away, just flip it and click it! Made with beautiful Central American hardwoods and safe water-based finishes. Designed around a 30mm unit to ensure that every Tegu block shape and every Tegu product is compatible with the next. Through socially responsible business practices Tegu is dedicated to helping the Honduran community with reforestation and social outreach initiatives.

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