Sugarfina Tea Chocolate Bar- 3 Piece Bundle


This delightful gift is perfect for the tea lover in your life. The matcha white chocolate bar features a creamy matcha green tea flavor infused with crispy wafers for a bite equal parts decadent and delicious. Bright and refreshing notes of lemon-flavored white chocolate make the lemon green tea chocolate bar a tasty treat at any hour of the day. Everyone’s favorite English tea gets a delicious boost thanks to notes of milk and white chocolate with a splash of earl grey tea. brbrSugarfina travels the world to find the highest quality sweets and partners with artisan candy makers to create exclusive candies for its boutiques. From Paris to Greece to Japan and Germany, Sugarfina finds the most beautiful confections and packages them in signature candy cubes and candy bento boxes. Sugarfina is a first-class trip around the world for your taste buds.

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