Star Wars – Outer Rim Board Game


Smuggle goods, collect bounties, cash in lucrative trades, and much more as you travel throughout the outer rim! You’ll play as an iconic Star Wars character, like Han Solo, Boba Fet, or Lando Calrissian, as you compete to earn more fame than any of your opponents. Nothing will come easy though, you’ll have to navigate reputation and combat with factions like the Hutts, the Empire, and the Syndicate in order to gain the upper hand. This game has lots of rules and moving parts. If you’re into complex games and/or you’re a big Star Wars fan, this game might be perfect for you! With so much to do, each turn will feel dynamic and adventurous. You’re encouraged to be scrappy and take risks! The first player to earn 10 fame wins the game; will you come out on top?

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