Shinwa 6″ 4R Rigid (.750 Wide x .035 Thick) Zero Glare Satin Chrome Stainless Steel 4R Machinist Engineer Ruler/Rule with Graduations in 1/64, 1/32, 1


This rule is made in Japan by Shinwa Measuring Tools Corporation, a premier tool manufacturer and is one of the most commonly used rules in Japan. This rule is made from the finest stainless steel available and is hardened and tempered. It has a zero glare satin chrome finish which makes it easy to read and will prevent corrosion. Markings are precision photo etched and then black filled for easy readability. The 4R graduations shows 32nds and 64ths on one side and 8ths and 16ths on the reverse. Both long edges and ends are ground flat and straight. Accuracy conforms to Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) B 7516 Grade 1.

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