Sesame Street Hooper’s Store Magna Tiles Structure Set


Our Sesame Street Hooper’s Store structure set lets your child have fun playing with the Sesame Street Gang learn about their favorite foods, the food pyramid and healthy choices, that’s a win-win!! he fun activities and colorful, attractive artwork presented on each magnetic tile makes for an attractive teaching, reviewing and practicing tool that will captivate your child for hours. An alternative to screens, this interactive magnetic building set helps young learners master interactive play and develop a love for learning through play-based, hands-on learning activities This magnetic building tile set is a great supplement to any Magna-Tiles collection. The possibilities are endless. ur Magna-tile sets are kid-friendly for little hands and they’re parent, teacher, care-giver approved. It’s time to go shopping, take a ride through Hooper’s Store with Sesame Street’s Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and Abby Cadabby with this fun interactive Magna-tile Structure Set. Hooper’s Store Magna-tile Structure Set entices your child’s curiosity about foods. How many foods can you find inside the store? What letter do they begin with? Which is your favorite? Teach your kiddo fun ways to identify the foods on the food pyramid, all while practicing their A,B & C letters. Which foods are the healthiest and the most delicious? Build the shopping cart and begin your journey to find out. The play patterns are endless in this Sesame Street classic of Hooper’s Store. This Magna-tile Set is sure to bring smiles and maybe a few hungry pains too.

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