Salomon Active Skin 8 Set, Green Gables/Alloy, XL


Designed by some of Salomon’s top notch athletes, the performance-oriented Active Skin 8 Set is a sleek running vest that offers carrying comfort, streamlined storage, freedom of movement, and at-the-ready hydration for hour after hour of moving fast! Supported by your upper body, the soft, form-fitting pack has a flexible and adjustable connection point across the sternum but otherwise leaves your ribcage free to expand so that breathing remains uninhibited. The shape and placement of the pack body ensures that weight remains consistent with your center of gravity rather than sagging low on your back and causing undue strain and fatigue. The mesh backpanel and broad perforated harness straps help to cushion the pack against your body while maximizing ventilation. To ensure that you stay properly hydrated, the pack includes two 500 ml soft flasks that stow conveniently in dedicated front harness pockets. A separate compartment with a hanging system allows you to use a bladder, but a hydration system is not included. Other features include an integrated key fob and connection points that enable you to carry foldable trekking poles (poles not included). The Salomon Active Skin 8 Set vest pack is available in an array of size and color options. See the size chart for size recommendations based on your chest measurement.

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