RBT Electric Corkscrew, Black/Brass


This seamless, all-metal electric corkscrew is paired with an anti-rotation bottle coaster for the ultimate wine opening experience. The automatic function of this wine corkscrew has a rechargeable battery that lasts for over 30 bottles of use. Charge fully before first use. To access charging port, twist to remove Foil Cutter top. Place wine bottle on Coaster to avoid bottle rotation and catch drips, making opening a bottle more enjoyable than ever. Before opening your favourite bottle of red or white wine, remove foil with built-in Foil Cutter. Simply place Electric Corkscrew over bottleneck and press down to easily remove the cork. Designed for ease of use, it opens bottles automatically upon contact – no buttons to push or levers to pull. Works with all cork types, simply insert the bottleneck into the opening and watch as the cork is removed with ease. RBT is driven by a thoughtful approach to design which extends to the highest standard of construction and materiality.

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