Rastal Teku Stemmed Beer Glasses – 2 Pack – 14.2 oz Clear


A beer connoisseur’s collection isn’t complete without this beer glass set. Truly appreciate the flavors and aromas present in your beer with the world’s best design. The Teku German beer glass is built with outward curvature and a remarkably thin lip for a full sensory drinking experience and easy sipping. Someone who has never used a snifter beer glass will truly notice the difference the first time they use it. Rastal has been making high-end glassware in Germany for nearly 100 years, and originally developed this Teku 3.0 glass for the Baladin Brewery in 2006. The title of the glasses combines the first names of Teo, a well-known Italian brewer, and Kuaska, the foremost Italian beer expert. Teku by Rastal have since gained universal acclaim as the world’s greatest beer tasting glasses.

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