Professor Puzzle Great Minds – Aristotle’s Number Puzzle


The aim of the puzzle is to make every row add up to 38? There are 15 rows in all directions to complete, each made up of 3, 4 or 5 pieces. This brilliant concept allows you to complete the puzzle by using every number from 1 – 19! About Aristotle 384-322 BC The Greek thinker was the founder of Western science and philosophy consolidating the belief in the individual through this extensive writings, of which only about a third have survived. He had a great influence on the course of the Renaissance in the 16th Century and the development of Western civilization and on our own modern thought and philosophy. His original writings covered a diverse range of subjects including logic, physics, biology, music, politics, ethics and poetry. His influence has lasted over 2,000 years making him a truly great mind. This is a great challenging math puzzle.

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