Pocketalk S Voice Translator Gold


Converse with Locals When Traveling, Translates 74 Languages, Voice-to-Text Translation, Built-In Touchscreen, Translate Writing with Built-In Camera, Requires 3G/4G LTE or Wi-Fi Connection, 2-Year Complimentary Mobile Data Plan, Dual Microphones with Noise Cancellation, Dual 1.5W Speakers, Up to 4.5 Hours of Continual Translation Have a more enjoyable vacation or business trip with the Pocketalk S Portable Voice Translator. This sleek compact and portable device is designed to let you converse with locals even if you don’t speak their language. With the press of a button you and another person can converse by having your spoken sentences translated to each other’s native tongue. Pocketalk can even understand local dialects and slang. The device can speak the translations aloud or display text on the built-in touchscreen depending on the language. Pocketalk translates speech into 74 languages 55 via bilateral voice and 19 voice-to-text bilaterally. It can also perform unilateral voice-to-text translation for up to 37 obscure languages. In addition to translating the spoken word Pocketalk supports translation of written text such as what you would see on signs or menus. The built-in camera supports 55 different languages. You can either take a photo and have the translated text laid on top of the image or Pocketalk can read the translated text aloud.

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