Pivo Pod Red, Rotate Your Smartphones


Memorable, hands-free, your way Showcase your style and take your keynotes to a new level! From the meeting room to the living room, give virtual presentations that exude confidence and show exactly what you want, where you want. Take control, let it flow And leave the rest to Pivo. Forget about what you look like on-screen. Choose your present mode, easily control the view with your Remote Control, and let Auto Tracking do the work so you can focus on the material. More Features, More Fun Welcome to high-quality without the hassle. Ready, set, track Wherever you go, Pivo follows. Auto Tracking keeps you in view, so you’ll never miss a take again. Hands-free video calls Yep, solo calls can be effortless and engaging. With hands-free technology, high-quality video, and crystal clear focus, your calls are elevated. Show‘em every move. Bring the creativity Capture the moment. Take a walk on the wild side with 12+ built-in Fun Create Modes.

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