Philips 562785 hue White & Color Ambiance A19 Bluetooth LED Smart Bulbs 3-Pack


Add color to any room with a single smart bulb, which offers warm to cool white light as well as 16 million colors. Use Bluetooth for instant light control in one room, or connect to the Hue bridge (sold separately) to unlock the full set of smart lighting features. Create personalized experience with colorful smart light Transform your home with over 16 million colors, instantly creating the right atmosphere for any event. Choose from preset light recipes With a touch of a button, you can set a festive mood for a party, turn your living room into a movie theater, enhance your home decor with color accents and much more. Set the right mood with soft white light Dimmable from bright daylight to low nightlights, these smart lights allow you to fill your home with just the right level of light when you need it. LED bulb technology Designed to provide longer, more energy-efficient illumination. Unlock full set of smart light features with Hue bridge (sold separately) Add a Hue bridge to your smart lights to experience the full set of Philips Hue features. With a Hue bridge, you can add up to 50 smart lights to control throughout your home.

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