Peak Design Capture Camera Clip – Black


Renowned camera holster accessory from Peak Designs. The latest updated version of the infamous Capture clip from Peak Designs. The V3 Capture Clip provides a secure mounting system so your camera can be holstered on your backpack shoulder straps or belt, without the need for a camera strap. Unlike traditional camera straps Capture provides a platform to keep your camera rigid while hiking, biking and community. A locking system ensures your cameras stored securely but with a convenient release button it can be instantly accessible. The Capture Camera Clip v3 package consists of a metal clip that clamps onto a strap, belt or bag as well as a Arca tripod-compatible plate that screws into the bottom of the camera. When attached to your camera the tripod plate locks into the clip, where it held in place and can be released with a lockable button. Peak Designs V3 variant of the Capture Clip 30 lighter, 20 narrower and 20 lower than the previous V2 version. Moreover the design has been anodized for increased durability and for smoothness. With a maximum holding weight of 90kg, Capture, capable of holding the heaviest of pro cameralens conglomerates. Carry smart with complete accessibility to your photographic equipment with the latest development from Peak Designs.

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