Pandemic – Hot Zone North America


A smaller, faster version of the award-winning cooperative game Pandemic. You and your team (the other players) will race around North America trying to treat, manage, and eventually cure an array of deadly diseases that threaten humankind! Each player gets 4 actions to use on their turn. With each action, they can move around the map, treat disease in whichever city they are in, share information (cards) with other players, or cure a disease if they have the proper cards. Depending on what role a player is using, some actions may be enhanced and even more effective. You’ll have to be careful though because more disease cube will crop up on the map after every player’s turn! Additionally, there is a small chance of drawing an epidemic card after each turn, which causes all sorts of nasty stuff to happen. If the players manage to cure all three diseases before time runs out, they win the game! If the player deck runs out, if too many outbreaks occur (when more than three disease cubes end up in one city), or if you run out of disease cube for any disease, then the players lose instead. But you can always try again! Includes game board, 24 city cards, 3 epidemic cards, 4 event cards, 7 crisis cards, 24 infection cards, 4 reference cards, 4 character cards, 4 player pawns, 48 disease cubes (16 in each color), 3 cure vials (1 in each color), 1 infection rate marker, 1 outbreak marker, and the instructions. 2-4 players, ages 8+ 30 minute playing time. 9 x 6 x 2 inches.

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