Nikon Coolshot Pro II Stabilized Laser Rangefinder


Nikon designed the 6×21 CoolShot Pro II Stabilized Laser Rangefinder to be an invaluable tool to get you closer to the pin in fewer strokes. Because distance doesn’t tell the whole story, the CoolShot takes angle of elevation into account and provides an accurate range for uphill and downhill shots—and it can be turned off for competition rounds to keep the playing field even. To make sure you’re ranging to the pin, and not the tree behind it, Nikon utilizes stabilizing technology from their lenses and cameras in both the viewer and the ranging laser for improved accuracy, plus their Dual Locked-On Echo system that provides audio and visual confirmation that you’re on target. To make it even easier for you, it has a weight of just over 6 ounces and a length under 4 inches. If the weather takes a turn, you can keep playing, because the CoolShot is water and fogproof with a battery door that is rated IPX4 to be water resistant.

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