NEOM Real Luxury Scented Candle (1 Wick)


Neom candles contain the highest percentage of the purest essential oils that not only smell fantastic, but also offer therapeutic benefits for the mind, body and soul. All candles are made using a pure and natural vegetable wax and 100% natural fragrance. All ingredients are 100% natural and ethically sourced. Neom Real Luxury Travel Candle contains a therapeutic blend of pure essential first-press oils, blended to instill calm and banish stress. With lavender, Brazilian rosewood and jasmine, this candle creates a warm, soothing and aromatic blend. Aromatherapists have been using these oils since the 17th century. This special blend contains the soothing notes of jasmine, French lavender and Brazilian rosewood to evoke cashmere blankets next to a fluttering fire. 50 hours burn time.

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