MyPilotPro Swivel GoPro Mount for Airplanes


️ QUALITY COMPONENTS – Mount is made of THICK aircraft aluminum and has stainless steel hardware throughout. Neoprene washers mitigate any vibration from making its’ way to your camera. Genuine Ram Mount components are used on this mount! ️ LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT – Weighs 8.0 oz including all hardware. Length 1.625” X Width 1.5” X Height 5.75”. ️ UNIVERSAL AND VERSATILE – Compatible with all action cameras including all versions of GoPro. Compatible to any General Aviation aircraft. Aim your action camera in virtually any angle and direction! ️ EASY TO ATTACH – Attaching and detaching the mount only takes 30 – 45 seconds! Absolutely no tools required! ️ MADE IN THE USA – Completely manufactured in the USA with American made components using American labor! MyPilotPro – The name you know and trust! /b br br ️ The MyPilotPro Swivel GoPro Airplane Mount is a step up from the original mount in that it can swivel in any angle or direction. You can attach this mounts to any tie down on your aircraft without any tools. The cam lever can exert 400 lbs of pressure so you know it is attached securely. Neoprene washers throughout the mount ensure that any vibration can not make its way to the camera. br br Easy to Securely Attach /b br br ️ Attaching the MyPilotPro Swivel to your tie down ring is very easy. Simply insert the first half of the mount into your tie down ring. Then insert the other neoprene washer, thick stainless steel washer, lock washer, and wing nut on the other side of the tie down ring. Once this is done clamp down the cam lever until it snaps into place. The process of attaching and detaching the mount only takes 30 – 45 seconds! br br The mount also comes with 2 safety hair pins that prevents the mount from coming off your tie down ring. After you have attached the mount to your tie down ring and snapped the cam lever firmly in place, insert the included stainless steel hair pin into the hole at the end of the threaded rod. The 2nd hair pin goes into the bolt on the GoPro Swivel arm. These hair pins ensure that neither wing nuts can come loose. The hair pins coupled with the 400 lbs of pressure exerted from the cam lever ensures the mount is securely attached! br br Universal and Compact /b br br ️ This mount is compatible with all action cameras including GoPro and is universal for all General Aviation and Light Sport Aircraft. If your aircraft has a tie down ring, the MyPilotPro Swivel can attach to it. It weighs just 8.0 oz including all hardware and fits in the palm of your hand.

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