Mission Golf- Cooling Bucket Hat


Whether you are exploring a new tropical country or your own backyard, the MISSION Cooling Bucket Hat is engineered to allow you to stay active and comfortable longer when heat might otherwise slow you down or deter you altogether from enjoying the outdoors. In under 30 seconds the MISSION Bucket Hat cools to 30 degrees below average body temperature in 3 easy steps: Wet it, Wring it out and Wave it. The design and special features of this Bucket Hat keep your face, ears, and neck protected from harmful UV rays with wide brim coverage and UPF 50 fabric. For optimum comfort and function, there is an adjustable chin strap, and brass pin snaps on either side to pin the brim up. MISSION products are made of proprietary performance fabric with cooling technology that is activated by water and is chemical free, reusable and washable. Consider using it for fishing trips or long hikes to leisurely gardening projects, or even lounging at the beach. Cool More. Do More.

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