Milkhouse Candle Creamery, Citrus and Lavender, Butter Jar Scented Soy Candle, 22oz


Our 650ml Butter Jar candle is the perfect candle for those who love quality candles and are not afraid of the commitment of a larger jar. This is 650mls of American-grown soy wax infused with pure beeswax and true fragrance. The metal bail makes your Milkhouse candle easy to enjoy anywhere. This product is specifically designed to burn for 4 hours or more. Perfect to create the mood for long days at home. These true fragrances last from the first burn down to the very last drop. The soy and beeswax blend burns CLEAN and the omission of artificial dyes means less pollutants for your lungs. Totally reusable glass container is perfect for spices, office and bathroom supplies when the candle is gone. Simply rinse with hot, soapy water and repurpose. 130 hours of burn. Fragrance: Citrus & Lavender. Clean tart citrus notes combined with fresh fields of lavender buds. A very clean fresh fragrance for your entire home. The rich fragrance combinations include essential oils blended with fragrance oils as a result of Milkhouse’spledge to the environment andeco-responsibility.

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