Milescraft 1603 KneeBlades – Rolling Knee Pads


Kneeblades are designed for any job where you are required to be on your knees. These high-quality kneeblades allow for more balance, flexibility, and mobility. The three-wheeled mobile base allows for full 360 turning capability without lifting from the floor. Close-to-the-ground design minimizes back stress while working on ground-level projects. With the push of a button, you can go from kneeblade to kneepad. Features include tapered gel pad construction to fit the knee contour while evenly dispersing weight; easy-to-put-on one-strap hook-and-loop fastener design; non-marring and durable lightweight construction. Each blade weighs only 3.5 Pounds. Load rating is 80 pounds per castor for a total weight load of 480 pounds. Great for projects such as installing flooring, painting low places, auto detailing/maintenance, and yard work.

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