Kruve, Inc Coffee Brew Stick in Black


When you are manually brewing your coffee, you want to ensure that water passes through in a uniform fashion. This results in better tasting coffee, which results in a more happy you. In order to do this, you must employ the process of agitation. When you agitate the coffee grounds, you shuffle them around while brewing so that the water can pass through evenly. Thanks to the long, slender shape of the Kruve Brew Stick, you can do that in a simple and efficient way while maintaining the flat surface of your grounds. These brew sticks work on many types of manual brewing, so your options are wide open! You can use them to agitate your coffee grounds while using a V60, Aeropress, French Press, or even a Chemex. How’s that for a multi-purpose tool? You can even use these brew sticks to sift through you coffee grounds after grinding instead of using your fingers. The Kruve Brew Sticks come in Gold, Black, or Silver and weigh 1.27 ounces. What’s in the box?

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