KHOMO Gear Jumbo Inflatable Projector Screen 8 x 13′ 16:9, 186″ GER-1161


Set Up a Backyard Theater in 5 Minutes, Front and Rear Projection Capabilities, 15.5′ Diagonal, 16:9 Aspect Ratio, Quiet Electric Blower, Detachable White Screen Cleans Easily, Unzips and Deflates in a Few Minutes, Easily Packs Away into Included Bag. KHOMO GEAR has designed their Jumbo Inflatable Projector Screen to be quick and easy to set up in your backyard to project movies for your guests on a large screen. The white projection surface measures 8 x 13′ and is capable of front or rear projection. The screen fully inflates in less than five minutes by a quiet electric blower and when the day is done it stores away in the included storage bag also in about five minutes — simply undo the zipper located in the black frame and the screen will deflate in a few minutes and be ready for storage. The black frame can be wiped clean with any cloth while the screen surface is held on by hook-and-loop fasteners and is fully detachable and easy to clean. Fully inflated the entire assembly is 10.5 feet tall 16 feet wide and 6.5 feet deep.

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