John Adams: A Life From Beginning to End [Book]


John AdamsThe drama of the life of the second president of the United States has been stirringly chronicled both in print and on television. Yet the life of John Adams is so rich in history, emotion, power, and tragedy that no medium can entirely contain its essence. Reading the story of his life is to be introduced to a nation, new and untried, that would rise to prominence in no small part due to his legacy of leadership. Inside you will read about… ✓ John Adams, the Farmer’s Son✓ John Adams Begins His Career✓ The Man from Massachusetts✓ Adams in Philadelphia✓ Destination Europe✓ An Experiment in Nationhood✓ President✓ A Friendship Restored John Adams was no bland hero; he had his personal blemishes, and he made his share of mistakes. He was born in the Massachusetts Bay Colony and died a citizen of the United States. Along with his wife, the impressive Abigail Smith Adams, the minister’s daughter whose lack of formal education did not hinder her intellectual advances, John Adams sired a political dynasty that served the United States well.

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