Illustrated Cooking Journal [Book]


Cicada Books has worked with some particularly talented emerging illustrators over the past few years. Each of the three titles in this new series of illustrated journals covers a different subject matter and showcases a different young, female illustrator, who brings the particular subject matter alive with beautiful and distinctive hand drawings. Merlin Evans’ Cooking Journal is the first in this series, and focuses on a topic of perennial popularity–the culinary arts. Embellished with extensive hand drawings, this notebook is a worthy repository both for treasured family recipes and an archive for recording daring new culinary experiments. Its illustrated charts and diagrams show various meat cuts, seasonal fruit and vegetables, and even yeast concoctions. Merlin’s detailed pen-and-ink drawings bring to mind the rigor and detail of Victorian scientific etchings, but have a warmth and humor that makes them distinctly contemporary. Aspiring culinary writers will be able to make use of the abundant space for notes, recipes and comments, making this a practical as well as decorative stationery product for the cooking enthusiast who wishes to document his or her culinary adventures. The journal is elegantly packaged with exposed greyboard covers and fabric spines. This journal makes an ideal gift for both the accomplished home cook as well as for a neophyte still exploring the world of home cooking.

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