Good To-Go Oatmeal


Oatmeal is oatmeal right? Wrong. The award-winning Good to Go Oatmeal is absolutely loaded with while grain oats and quinoa and flavor-enhancing and protein-packed chia seeds sunflower seeds pumpkin seeds banana flakes coconut and cinnamon! The complete ingredients include gluten-free rolled oats (whole grain oats whole grain quinoa flakes dried Zante currants coconut sugar raw sunflower seeds raw pumpkin seeds dried banana flakes shredded coconut chia seeds hemp seed hearts cinnamon sea salt ground turmeric and ground cardamom. Simply add boiling water to the meal’s pouch and set it aside while you set up camp or attend to other things. Five minutes later you’ve got a hot meal that tastes kitchen-prepared! Good to Go Oatmeal is sold in single 4.3 ounce servings.

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