Good Dirt PlantBiotic


Get to the root of perfecting your planting with this Good Dirt PlantBiotic. These Good Dirt PlantBiotics come in an easy-to-sprinkle, 6-ounce container — just lightly scatter the contents on top of the soil you’re using in plant beds or pots. You can use it both for indoor and outdoor planting, and it’ll boost your plants’ nutrient uptake, root development, and soil structure. This Good Dirt PlantBiotic also increases the tolerance your plants have to environmental stress, which can help with transplant shock when you’re repotting or replanting. For healthy, happy plants, use these Good Dirt PlantBiotic with the Good Dirt Plant Food. You can also use it with the Good Dirt Indoor Potting Mix or the Good Dirt Outdoor Potting Mix, depending on where you’re planning to plant. What is Good Dirt? Good Dirt is a sustainable gardening brand started by a husband-and-wife team to bring easy-to-use, ecological products to people of all gardening skillsets. They aspire to inspire people to create a lifestyle around gardening and growing.

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