FUJIFILM INSTAX Mini Link Nintendo Special Edition Smartphone Printer


Game on with the INSTAX MINI Link Special Edition Power-up your gaming, and print from your Nintendo Switch with the INSTAX MINI Link SE and its very own super customizable app. From printing your favorite characters to adding themed frames to your own photos, there is no game over, only game on! With the Switch Direct Print mode, in-game action screenshots can be printed effortlessly on credit card-sized INSTAX mini film. Simply connect wirelessly from your Nintendo Switch to your smartphone and close the gap between virtual and reality. Start by downloading the INSTAX MINI Link app for Nintendo Switch, customize the layout and let the fun begin. Whether youre a Pokmon Snap photographer, Animal Crossing islander, or a Super Mario mushroom master, this thumb-temptingly tactile printer will take your INSTAX game to the next level. It even has the power to transform you into your favorite Nintendo character via the Frame Print mode. Designed to complement the red and blue of your Nintendo Switch, this little printer is fully loaded with features. Enjoy endless amounts of fun with your BSF (Best Sidekick Forever) with a range of multiplayer modes such as Party Print and Match Test. Make sure no image gets left behind with the Simple Print mode that transports your image from your smartphone to the MINI Link SE for high-speed printing. And scrub through videos with the Video Print mode to capture your favorite clips. Theres even a mode for personalizing your photos with your own sketches and handwritten messages before hitting print. Finally, get ready to encounter fully immersive motion control printing. Zoom in and out by tilting the printer, and take snaps with the power button. Even turn it upside down to reprint your favorites. The MINI Link SE is the new INSTAX printer that all gamers will want to fire up and play.

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