Fathers Day Gifts, Spa Kit for Men – Sandalwood and Oak Scented Bath Gift Set


Lovery Luxury Spa Kit for Men Lovery Sandalwood and Oak Bath Spa Kit combines all the powerhouse shower essentials in one luxurious gift box. It is a calming bath set that nourishes your body from head to toe giving you that professional spa-like treatment at the comfort of your own home. The Deluxe Package includes: 100ml Face Wash with Brush 300ml Shower Gel 210ml Bubble Bath 100ml Body Lotion 120ml Body Mist 80g Bath Soap 100g Bath Salt Bath Puff Ribbon and Hangtag Wooden Basket The Power of Vitamin E and Shea Butter All the Bath Products included in this set are 100% Paraben- and Cruelty-Free and rich in Vitamin E and Shea Butter. Shea Butter contains anti-inflammatory properties that help deal with redness and swelling. Combined with Vitamin E, it creates a powerhouse anti-aging formula that will give you smooth and youthful skin. Sandalwood and Oak Sandalwood and oak contain a pleasing and captivating aroma that relaxes the mind and enhances mental alertness. Aside from their powerful meditation benefits, they also help restore a youthful glow firming and toning aging skin. The Perfect Gift for Him Treat your man to a deluxe at-home spa treatment with Loverys Premium Spa Kit for Men. Each Gift Basket contains everything he might need for a complete, relaxing, and rejuvenating spa experience. Lovery ensures that every Bath Set is ready to go as a gift without any additional wrappers needed. The packaging alone is enough to create an impression on Birthdays, Father’s Day, Anniversaries, Christmas, and all sorts of occasions. Grab yours now and give them the best gift ever! Click the Add to Cart button to order.

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