Fat Brain Spoolz


Much more than a basic stacking toy, the fun shapes in this set can be piled to build towers, but they also roll, twist and balance unlike standard blocks. The set includes seven spool-shaped pieces, and each is a different size and color. They’re made from a rigid plastic material that allows for effortless stacking without frustration, and the soft texture on the outside helps kids get a good grip, and prevents slipping and sliding on smooth surfaces. Children can stack the spools like regular building blocks, or they can explore and experiment to find new ways to play. Thanks to the unique design of the spool-shapes pieces, they will race them across the floor, or combine them together into sculptures that appear to defy gravity. Encourage fine motor skills, improve spatial reasoning, inspire creativity, and teach problem-solving. This seemingly simple stacking toy will inspire hours of playtime exploration in any child. The vibrant colors combine with multiple size options to guarantee a stunning piece of art every time your child builds with this toy. It’s safe and fun for children as young as 10 months, but enjoyable for much older kids too. Give them a safe and simple toy that will help their brains develop as they play, but guarantee that it’s one that they’ll come back to by choice. Spoolz offers a wide variety of use options that no child can resist.

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