Fao Schwarz Girls DIY Belt Bag Rhinestone Gold and Silver Stud Craft Kit with Embroidered Patches


Express Yourself Get creative and show off your personal style by making your very own DIY Belt Bag! Use the included decorations to create a unique and beautiful fashion accessory that youll never leave home without! Decorate Your Way Design and decorate your own unique Belt Bag by gluing on gold and silver studs and rhinestones! Complete the look with fun embroidered patches in a variety of shapes and colors, such as hearts, stars, and rainbows. Easy and Convenient Adjustable belt makes the bag easy to wear and carry around hands-free! Perfect for kids who want to look fashionable and stylish on the go. Features: Adjustable belt with bag attached Gold and silver studs Rhinestones. Package Includes: Belt bag 8 embroidered patches 15 gold flat back studs 15 silver flat back studs 12 flat back pearls What are you waiting for Add the DIY Belt Bag Kit to your cart now for a stylish and useful craft!

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