Elope Gryffindor Harry Potter Deluxe Knit Scarf


Points to Gryffindor It’s funny that Gryffindor students always seem to be breaking the rules and yet they often come ahead at the end of the year. Remember when Harry, Ron, and Hermione were out after hours, took on a giant troll, and caused all sorts of destruction? They came out of that scuffle with 10 points for Gryffindor. The same trio was constantly sneaking around without permission. Heading to Hagrid’s hut, into the Forbidden Forest, and into Hogsmeade with the help of Harry’s invisibility cloak. They’ve broken laws. They’ve broken curfew. They’ve broken into Professor Snape’s exclusive potion supply cabinet. How do Gryffindor students come out ahead after breaking all the rules? It’s their bold nature! Flaunt your inner red and gold when you slip this red and gold scarf around your neck. Product Details This striped red and gold scarf is ready to help you become a bold Gryffindor student! The soft knit is the perfect accessory to top off any ensemble whether you’re wearing your robes or your muggle street clothes. A Gryffindor badge is sewn onto one side to flaunt your house. High-quality and comfortable, this Harry Potter scarf is sure to be your favorite accessory for years to come!

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