Eagles Nest DoubleNest Hammock, 74″ x 112″


Eagle Nests DoubleNest HammockWith room for 2, the Eagle Nests DoubleNest Hammock is great for family adventures to your favorite lakeside campsite. This is a fully durable, water resistant hammock that can fit, two people, or however you decide to pack 400lbs. It is a great car camping essential, as it folds down to a grapefruit size, giving you the ability to take it anywhere and set it up in almost any setting. These hammocks are constructed of breathable nylon micro fibers for strength and wear resistance, they come completely rigged with high quality locking gate carabineer and strength tested nautical grade line. Take Eagle Nests DoubleNest Hammock anywhere, set it up in seconds flat, lay back and enjoy the nature.

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