Creative Mark Dream Board Water Drawing Zen Board w/ Brush & Tray Stand (Large)


Master the art of letting go. Dream Boards are the ultimate mindfulness tools and stress relieving way to create art mess free. Requires no ink, paint or chemicals making it an environmentally friendly way to create. This special zen drawing pad activates with water to produce varying degrees of black across a middle tone grey background with each brush stroke. When the water evaporates the image disappears and you are left with a clean slate for your next adventure in imagery. These boards make great gift ideas for artists as they can practice their strokes without worrying about mistakes or cleaning up afterwards. Provides artizen stress relief in the form of stress free art therapy and meditation practice. Comes with a higher quality brush which is made to come to a fine point and hold lots of water for drawing. Stress relieving for kids and adults who are brush-savvy or still learning, you can now play with ideas easily and quickly anywhere in your home, office or when you want to travel.

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