Crayola Color Chemistry Lab Set


Style: Color Chemistry 50 creative science experiments will unfold with Colour Chemistry. The chemistry set for kids is full of colourful educational activities designed by real Crayola Scientists, including 16 experiments kids can complete right out of the box with the featured Crayola art supplies. After they’ve worked through erupting volcano, glow worms, and many other experiments, there are 36 other science-inspired ideas to test. Inquisitive minds can flex their thinking caps right at home! Colour Chemistry takes their school subjects and applies them in a cool, hands-on way, giving kids the tools to continue learning outside of the classroom. Adult supervision is recommended, so parents and kids can interact and learn together using this educational toy. Take Stem learning one step farther with this Steam toy for kids. Colour Chemistry blends science, technology, engineering, art, and math together in one lab set! Science projects involving colour experiments are an excellent way to make Steam for kids accessible to all. Plus, it gives kids a well-rounded experience by learning through play.

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