Courtney Doll and Book


Courtney Moore is growing up in California’s San Fernando Valley. She’s a total ’80s girl who loves watching music videos after school, renting movies on the weekends, and going to the mall every chance she gets. Courtney’s favorite place is Smiley’s Arcade because she loves playing video games. Courtney likes being in control of what happens, which isn’t always the case in real life. She and her stepsister, Tina, don’t always get along, and now that Courtney’s mom is running for mayor, things are changing at home. It’s a whole new game for Courtney, and she’s figuring out the rules as she goes. This authentically awesome 1980s character set includes: An 18″ Courtney doll with blue eyes that open and close, and curly sandy-blond hair with side-swept bangs. A purple layering tank top under a bright blue crop top with a wide neckline and an ’80s graphic on the front. A high-waisted denim skirt with a pleated yoke in the front. A pair of hot-pink tights and pink underwear. A pair of white faux-leather boots with scrunched tops and pointed toes. A pink hair tie so you can put half her hair up in a high side ponytail. The first book in her series: “Courtney Changes the Game”.

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