CoolStuff Big White Gymnastics Chalk Powder Ball Sock and Protective Bag – Small Gym Crossfit Chalk – Large Weightlifting Chalk


The chemical formula of sports magnesium carbonate is 4MgCO3 * Mg (OH) 2 * 4H2O Cool Stuff Chalk Powder Ball has a refillable bag and also has a protect bag. The protective bag there is a special separate bag which allows you to store your ball and keeps your gym belongings clean. Cool Stuff Chalk Powder Ball used by climbers, gymnasts worldwide. Now used by lifters over the world. Greatly improves grip for weightlifting, rope climbing, and gymnastics. Cool Staff Chalk Balls produce less dust than loose chalk and last longer. This stuff works and doesn’t make a mess and its cleaner than your dirty sock filled with chalk! Cool Staff Chalk Balls consist premium 100% pure Magnesium Carbonate Chalk. Before use, the Chalk Balls should be crushed between hands or under feet. The crushed loose chalk stays inside outer sock and hands get chalked up through a fabric. Please use hand cream after using Shalk Ball. This protects the skin of your hands from drying out.

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