ClubPur The Complete Golf Club Cleaning Kit


4oz bottle cleaning solution (Over 200 uses @ 3 sprays per cleaning). Soft-bristled cleaning brush (Nonabrasive). 12 x 12” Split-Microfiber cleaning cloth. Resealable carrying pouch. Approach each shot with confidence by knowing your grips are tacky, grooves and club face are without debris, and a clean ball like it’s fresh out of a new sleeve. ClubPur offers the most reputable Complete Golf Club Cleaning Kit that is packed with a 4oz bottle of proprietary cleaning solution derived of coconut oils and conditioner that last over 200 cleanings, nonabrasive soft-bristled brush and negatively charged split-microfiber cleaning cloth in a resealable carrying pouch. This lightweight kit easily fits in the side of your bag and will clean a full set of clubs in less than 2 minutes. No more bucket of water or cleaning clubs in the kitchen sink. Get the most reputable golf club cleaning kit and keep your clubs performing as intended. Play Clean! REPUTABLE CLEANING FORMULA – 4oz mist spray bottle that will last for more than 200 individual cleanings (3 sprays per cleaning). USA Made and Biodegradable. Practically ODORLESS and not harsh when handling. Kid-Friendly. SOFT-BRISTLED CLEANING BRUSH, nonabrasive and safe on all clubs. Quality and durable cleaning brush that is professionally sourced, constructed, and tested. SPLIT-MICROFIBER CLEANING CLOTH for maximum absorbency and retention of all debris and liquid. Not just another ordinary golf towel but one that is crafted of the finest synthetic blend of polyester and polyamides. Wash and reuse over and over. RESEALABLE STORAGE POUCH for easy storing of products when not in use. You won’t have to worry about losing an item or misplacing it. Easily fits in a side pocket of your golf bag for safekeeping and access. SIMPLE AND EASY “HOW TO” GUIDE offered in English and Spanish. Instructions are clear and transparent with visual pictures demonstrating to maximize your effortless cleaning.

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