Car and Driver CP1001 Fatigue Monitor


Improve your safety while driving long distances with this Car and Driver CoPilot fatigue monitor. The advanced facial recognition and eye monitoring technology detect head movements and blinking patterns to warn you before you nod off. This Car and Driver CoPilot fatigue monitor features infrared LEDs to work in dim-lit conditions, and the loud alarms effectively alert you in case of dangerous behavior. Car and Driver CoPilot Detects and corrects unsafe behavior while driving with the algorithmically driven active monitoring system. Compatible with 12V port or USB Type-A Suitable for almost any vehicle. Eye monitoring system Identifies when you take your eyes off the road and analyzes your blinking and pupil movement to prevent you from falling asleep. Infrared LEDs Provide stable and safe working at night and in other low-light conditions. Audio and voice alarms Warn you of dangerous behavior to let you correct it immediately. Built-in GPS CoPilot activates alerts only when your car is in motion to prevent false alarms.

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