Bosch JS260 Top Handle Jigsaw


The Bosch JS260 Top-Handle Jig Saw provides a sturdy footplate for accuracy in the cut, as well as a 6.0-A motor and variable-speed control. The sturdy motor produces up to 3,100 strokes per minute, with a 3/4″ stroke length. The variable-speed dial controls the maximum speed, while the accelerator trigger regulates the operating speed. This jig saw is engineered with a low-vibration plunging design for cutting accuracy and smooth operation. It has a large heavy-gauge steel footplate. The JS260’s multidirectional blade clamp delivers the superior grip of T-shank blades (but it does not accept U-shank blades). The toolless T-shank blade-change system makes blade insertion and removal quick. The tool has an always-on dust blower for max cut-line visibility and an ambidextrous lock-on button. Precision-machined plunging mechanism and low-vibration design delivers enhanced accuracy and extremely smooth operation. Its ergonomic top handle and two-finger trigger allows for a solid, comfortable grip and its heavy-gauge steel footplate provides more sturdiness.

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