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Hooch and sauce play together very, very well, and this trio of deliciously infused hot sauces are the proof. Liquor adds its own flavor to sauces, but it doesn’t stop there. It enhances aroma and flavor perception, and carries seasoning compounds deeper into foods (because, science!) Each of these three hot sauces offers a different chile and alcohol pairing. Chipotle Bourbon blends toasty, oaky, caramel Kentucky bourbon and cipotle’s smokey flavor. Habanero Moonshine combines the super-hot fruitiness of habanero with the mule-kick of real moonshine. Jalapeo Tequila blends the signature, dry, herbal-floral taste of tequila with the fresh, summery taste of jalapeo. All three are made with crushed peppers with no sugar added, and are much thicker than most hot sauces. Sauces contain no alcohol. Made in Virginia. This trio has been updated to include Chipotle Bourbon Hot Sauce in place of Mango Bourbon.

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