BALMUDA The Toaster – Black


Designed with five different heating modes, The Toaster gives you control over your heating options. Four different bread modes allow you to brown English muffins, heat artisan bread to perfection, warm buttery pastries, reheat pizza to its original glory and so much more. For frozen foods, cookies or gratin that you would normally cook in the oven, you can now quickly cook in The Toaster. Using steam technology and precise, second-by-second temperature regulation, it’s easy to achieve perfect results every time. brbrBALMUDA is a Tokyo-based creativity and technology company founded in 2003 by Gen Terao, a former rock singer. After his band separated he went on to study design and manufacturing. His free spirit, taste for trailblazing and uncompromising passion for life are instilled into BALMUDA’s DNA. With the power of innovation, BALMUDA creates appliances designed to enhance everyday life with thrilling results.

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